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Founded in 2019, aiming to reduce the friction involved in buying a new car, Yeecar website allows consumers to compare offers online and buy directly from “trusted” dealers that are registered with the platform, specifically avoiding the arduous but otherwise necessary requirement to haggle over price, and in a way that potentially introduces a lot more transparency.

Yeecar uses the reverse marketplace model, which removes the need for buyers to negotiate with car sellers directly. Instead, they can choose the car they want on Yeecar and receive competitive offers directly from dealers. This flexible new approach to data has yielded a wealth of benefits including faster time to insight, greater scalability and lower costs, along with a much better understanding of customer behavior at a granular level.

At Yeecar, we enjoy working with the industry to make things simpler and more efficient for all involved. Since its inception in 2019, Yeecar has sold over 2,200 new vehicles with total value of more than $145 million and saved client over $15 million when purchasing their new vehicles, and has established a partnership network with over 15 mainstream brands and close to one hundread dealerships across Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and other Australian metro cities.

For Customer, Why Use Yeecar

01 Choose Your Car

Effortlessly customize your car with Yeecar's 'Online Car Builder Tool'. Select the make, model, color, body type, fuel type, and additional options to refine your search and place your order. By providing your zip code, we can connect you with local dealers who offer more competitive quotes and lower delivery costs."

02 Concierge Buying Service

We simplify the car-buying process. Select your desired make, model, trim, color, and options, and we'll locate the perfect stock that matches your preferences. Our expert advice covers not only the car's features but also price guidance based on sales of similar vehicles, ensuring you get the best deal possible."

03 Buying With Confidence

Get offers from approved local and national dealers and compare price, location and dealer rating and most importantly, to know which dealer that is most close to you with the right stock that matching your preferences – no hidden costs.

04 Expert Advice and Help

Our team comprises automotive industry experts, many boasting years of experience, ensuring we're well-equipped to locate exceptional vehicles and simplify the process for you. We're passionate about helping our customers secure the best deals, which is why we're dedicated to finding you the lowest price on your new car—guaranteed!"

05 Vehicle Source Guarantee

Every selected brand-new car is sourced from our trusted dealership network, complete with a genuine manufacturer's warranty. All chosen demo and used cars undergo a rigorous certification program. If your car comes from an interstate dealer, rest assured that the price includes all delivery costs to your doorstep."

06 Finance and Insurance

Explore competitive finance and insurance options through our paperless application process, with prompt responses from multiple providers. Effortlessly compare and choose the option that best fits your needs, streamlining the process of purchasing, financing, and safeguarding your next car.

For Dealer, Why Partner with Yeecar

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